Happiness – starts with appreciation

Happiness, something so simple yet so hard to achieve. Don’t you agree? Many a times I find myself feeling momentarily happy and the next moment it’s back to the harsh reality. I guess the tough times I’ve been through lately caused me to have such a negative view on things. Nonetheless, don’t you think it’s impossible to have constant and prolonged happiness?

What exactly is happiness? For me, most of the big achievements or events or surprises and all make me feel happy but the happiness dies down as fast as they escalated.

Took me some time and a few bad events to realize that I’ve been taking simple joy for granted. Well I guess we should all start counting our blessings. As cliche as it sounds, there are always others that are worse off then us so we should quit complaining and start appreciating more.

I guess I learnt this the hard way. Just recently, I lost someone who’s really dear to me. Loss not in a physical sense but the loss of friendship… I think you get what I mean. I tend to take people who have been with me for the longest time for granted, assuming that they will stay with me forever. That mentality of mine has caused me to lose quite a fair bit of friends. Tried to change many times but it just don’t seem to work out. Maybe it’s just a character flaw?

Simple things that they do for me are always overlooked and I get upset because I feel like they don’t care. How stupid I was and still am. They cannot possibly be doing big things for me all the time… That’s just not the way things work.

My new goal for this year is to take a step back and start appreciating the small things others do for me, regardless of how trivial they are. I guess by looking at things from a more positive perspective, i will be happier? Well at least its an attempt?

There are many small and overlooked things in life to be happy about. The fact that you’re alive healthy and breathing. The fact that you have a home to stay in. The fact that you’re actually have the Internet access and technology to read this post. Appreciating the simple things in life will definitely make you happier. Well at least that’s what I think.

To end off here’s a good quote to live by: Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth:)


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