Perspective – a different view


Often we are so caught up with our lives and we hardly have the time to take stop and take a look at the beautiful things around us.

Well here’s what I got yesterday at sentosa after a day out with the team. Beautiful isn’t it? The real thing is way more breathtaking than in the photo. Oh well, thats as good as a phone camera can get>< What a nice way to end the day:)

Life isn’t all that dull and bad. We just have to put in a little more afford to take time off and admire the beauty around us.

It’s all about perspective. And we have the choice to either look at the cup as half full or half empty. Likewise we have a choice to be happy or unhappy. It’s all within our control. If we always focus on the problems we have and the unhappiness, obviously we will feel miserable all the time. Why not try to change our perspective and choose to focus on what we have and what makes us happy?

Have a blessed day ahead and stay happy:)


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