Filled – with love and joy


Just a short encouraging post because it has been a long day and I’m exhausted. Enjoy:)

Life can be a bitch at times but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. No point crying over spilt milk. What’s done is done. Pick yourself you and move on. Screw ups are bound to happen but fret not, there will always be better things that come your way.

Here’s a quote that one of my dearest teammate sent to me when I was down and out. Really encouraging don’t you think? Fill your heart with good and happy stuffs so that you won’t have any space for the negative things. And when you fill yourself with all the positive things, you’ll carry a cheerful heartwarming vibe and start injecting love and happiness in the people around you. It’s a chain reaction. Your choice to be happy and not focus on the bad things, encourages others to do the same.

So….. Spread the love and share the joy:) Have a great day everyone:)


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