Sympathise – guess not

Do you know what is the worse feeling. Not being misunderstood. Not not having anyone there who understands. But thinking that someone understands when he or she actually does not. Many a times. It is not that I do not want to tell anyone how I feel. But just right at the moment I am […]

Resigned – to fate

歌:只有勇敢 曲:萧煌奇 从很早就明白 我讨厌孤单 就算是谈情感 有许多麻烦 也还是很向往 爱的人来作伴 太冲动的结果反而一片混乱 更心酸 更孤单 失恋过才明白 相处有多难 谁粗心谁敏感 谁体贴谁独断 谁说出了期盼 谁觉得是批判 当争吵都变成冷战也让情感 被切断 我只能勇敢 学习 释然 把情人的泪还有责备 全部承担 从不习惯 对曾经炽热的爱情 分手就冷淡 我只能勇敢 顺其 自然 谁叫我 对于真爱那么期盼 不想要 关住了自己 安全但却太黑暗 幸福过才明白 要永恒多梦幻 这一秒的美好 下一刻就暗淡 问再多为什么 也不会有答案 但心里很清楚以后有更多无解 的 遗 憾 我只能勇敢 学习 释然 把离别的苦 思念的酸 都看淡 人总要习惯 生命就是一站一站 不断在转换 我只能勇敢 […]

Hate – all these drama

Really did not want to blog until the weekends because I am so busy and tired. But all the angst. Need to let it out. Got to admit it. Half of the time when I blog. It is usually about something I am angry or upset about. Rarely do I feel the need to blog […]

11:11 – still wishing

It’s funny how when it turns 11:11, I will naturally make a wish. And I do hope it comes true. We all know that wishing at 11:11 is fictitious and is just for the fun of it. Yet we still do it. Why. Do not know about you. But to me sometimes having something to […]

Rest – in The Lord

Beginning to get addicted to blogging. This is bad. Feel so uneasy not recording down my thoughts each night. Has become somewhat a prerequisite for me to jot down my two cents worth each night before I sleep. So here goes. Life has not been a bed of roses for me this year. In fact. […]

Imprinted – in ink

Everyday it gets harder to control my emotions. To hide everything. To pretend that I do not care. To pick myself up. To pull myself together and carry on with life. Not fast enough. Cannot run away from my past. It is catching up. Not strong enough. To face it head on. Things I do […]

Robbed – of happiness

Beginning to think that I am nothing but trouble. Carrying my burdens and unhappiness with me wherever I go. And allowing my own problems to affect other people. Everyone who I meet always gets entangled in my mess. And everyone who tries to help will only end up feeling worse because Their efforts are futile. […]