Alone – diminishing flame

Tossed into complete darkness.
Hurt. And scared.
Filled with insecurity.
Insecurity of the uncertain, unseen.
Prays everyday that some miracle will happen.
Perhaps some light for a little direction and comfort.

Unexpectedly, God answers the desperate prayers.
A deem light appears.
Walked a few steps towards the light she did.
The glow grew brighter.
Perhaps it was all just her imagination.

A few more steps she took.
It’s was real.
There was indeed a light.
Towards the light she ran.
New found hope.

No matter how hard she ran,
the light was still out of reach.
The thought of giving up crossed her mind frequently.
But she held on. Pushed on.
Stopping wasn’t an option.

Slowing down her pace,
There she saw,
A lot candle.
Wasn’t a big flame.
Just sufficient to give her some warmth and security.

Curl up. Hands cupping her knees she sat.
Within the glow of the candle.
Comforted she felt.
But deep down.
She knew.
That when the candle melted and the flame extinguishes.
All alone she will be.
Once again.


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