Whispers – of the night

Every night it’s the same,
She lies down on her bed.
And looks up to heaven.
With eyes of despair.

Her troubles fill her mind.
There seems to be no end.
Taking away her joy, her hope,
Leaving her with only emptiness and pain.

These negative feelings.
She could tell no one.
People did care.
But words she couldn’t find.

Always this close to letting everything out.
But troubling others just isn’t right.
So she kept it inside.
And let them hurt her instead.

And every night before she sleeps.
Her heart whispers the same prayer.
A prayer not for herself.
But someone she loves more than anything.

As the prayer comes to an end,
She slowly drifts into another world.
A world where hurt is no longer felt.
Temporary escape.


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