Looks – do matter


Found this picture on the net and I think it’s really really cute. Made me laugh so hard I nearly died. But it also got me thinking.

Does looks really matter that much? I always tell others that I look at the heart. What’s inside rather than what’s on the outside. To a certain extent its true. But then again maybe not.

Perhaps the reason why I can’t move on is because I feel like I’m settling for second best. Sad to say. Looks did play a part in it.

I do feel extremely bad about it because I know that’s really superficial and materialistic. But somehow. Humans will always be humans.

If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that humans have an inclination to things that look nice. It’s not only about a “feel good” feeling. How we feel will also be translated into actions. Be it consciously or subconsciously. (Nerd side of me revealed.)

Say, for example, you see something nice in a shop. You will not only feel happy and excited. You will translate those positive feelings towards that item into actions by picking up it and taking a closer look at it.

Somehow we have to admit that it is only human to judge based on looks. Well unless you’re Mother Theresa.

Someday when I go to heaven, I want to ask her how she can genuinely look pass what’s on the surface and look at what’s on the inside. The way she can treat people so indifferently.

Someday I wish to be like her. People always say I’m a really understanding and all. I’m not boasting, just saying. But truth is I know that there will always be a judgmental side of me.

It’s not that I deliberately hide that side of me so that people will think I am nice and all. I just don’t want to show it because I really hate that side of me.

Everyday I pray for a more patient and understanding heart. To love without conditions. To understand before I judge. I just want to change. I don’t want to have that side of me anymore.

Sometimes I wonder is that is really possible. When I am living in such a materialistic world. Where your worth is judged by what is on the outside. And what’s on the inside is, more of then than not, overlooked.


What if one day, people find out the other side of me. Would they think I’m fake? Would they get hurt?

They say be true to yourself. But then again there’s no need to reveal your true self to everyone.

Perhaps this will determine who can really accept you for who you are and who can’t. Then you’ll know who’s worth keeping in your life.

Thought about it quite a bit. I guess if I feel that what I have isn’t good enough. It probably means that I don’t like it as much as I think I do. Sigh… I don’t really know.

All these thinking the past few day is really too taxing. But what can I do when I have to face it everyday.

I guess it’s really is true. Problems solve by themselves over time. Perhaps, as cliche as it seems, the best thing I can do now is wait. And the unfortunate thing is – l hate waiting.

But what choice do I have?


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