Forever – don’t think so


Sometimes I feel quite sad that I no longer believe in genuine care and love. Having been through so much, I’ve been conditioned to think that everything is temporal. And promises are meant to be broken.

I promise to take care of you. I promise never to leave you. Ill always be here when you need me. Broken promises.

Where was everyone when I needed someone? Where was the care I needed when I was sad? Where were everyone when I was all alone?

Don’t make promises when you’re happy. And don’t make decisions when you’re angry.

I scoff at sweet things people say because I don’t believe that they will hold through to what they say. Seems to me that all those things that are pleasing to the ears are only said at the height of the moment when you’re extremely happy.

Do you really mean what you say, or do you say it because you’re in a good mood?

Perhaps I’m just being biased because of all that has happened recently. But we have to admit that all good things come to an end. No?

It scares me that I actually have that mentality. I think it’s pretty sad. What happened to believing in fairy tales? Happily ever afters?

Has reality really crushed all our dreams and aspirations? Or have we grown so tired of being let down and disappointed?

One day. I hope to meet someone who will be able to prove me wrong. Show me that genuine love and care still exists. And get me believing in it again.

That’ll be pretty sweet.


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