Forgotten – not yet

And I thought I was over you. I was wrong. When I am walking down the streets alone, many thing I see reminds me of you. True I might have done those things with others before. But somehow only you came to mind.

Only then did I realise. I haven’t forgotten you. I merely just distracted myself. Occupy myself with other things. So that I won’t keep thinking of you.

I want to tell you how much I miss you. How much i want you back by my side. But i can’t. As if missing you isn’t bad enough. Denied the chance to say how I feel is what kills me from the inside out.


And the worse part – you most probably already forgotten about me. Moved on. That daunting truth I refuse to believe haunts me everyday.

But yet everyday I wish you’ll turn around. Come back. And say “hey, I haven’t forgotten about you.” Who am I kidding.

Every little thing that reminds me of you makes me miss you a little more. Yet, at the same time, is a constant gentle reminder not to get my hopes up. Because all those are what used to be. And not what is.

I thought it was all over. I could finally move on. But when all this little flashbacks fill my mind. My heart sinks. I still love you. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else but you.

Sometimes I wonder. Have I ever crossed your mind? Have I?


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