Scolding – when older siblings do it

It’s my fault I know it. But it feels worse when your good friend (whom you consider as a sibling) tells you off. Don’t really know why it feels that way. But I feel super guilty now.

I could sense your anger when you said it. And I know why. It’s okay I understand… Shouldn’t have told you. I’m sorry. I sort of brought up the past again. Yes. I know. You were the victim.

I just wanted to be accountable. I saw this coming. But I didn’t know it will feel this bad. Never have I ever felt like crying when I get scolded over text.

I know why you’re so angry. And upset. And disappointed. Sorry for letting you down. You warned me. Cautioned me. But I didn’t listen. You have all rights to get angry at me.

I don’t even know how to talk to you know. I’m such a failure.


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