Change – is that the reason

Yet again someone told me you have changed. Have you? Perhaps it’s true. You’ve become a tad bit more mature than before. Perhaps it’s because of your position. Or maybe your family and parents. But I was told the reason could me. That got me thinking.

Have I really caused you to change? If I did, that will be quite amazing. Perhaps the circumstances I’ve put you in has cause you to think more before you act. Make more mature decisions. And stop fooling around so much. Yes I know I used to tell you that you’re so immature. Always doing things before thinking and creating a mess out of it. After all the ups and downs and drama that happened, somehow you began to tone down. Changed into a more stable person with much more depth. A bit more mellow than before but definitely more rational now.

Perhaps that change in personality and character is the reason to why I started becoming fond of you. And I still remembered the time when I told myself (and everyone else) it was impossible for me to like you because you’re so kid-like. Perhaps the people around me also played a part in causing me to think that there could be something more between us.

I hope the change was subconscious rather than a conscious effort to change into someone who I would like. If it was subconscious, I hope that this change is a positive one. Seems to be the case. If it’s not, that will be quite sad. I’ll rather things come naturally. Anything thats forced can never be genuine or true.

To tell the truth. The extent the you will go to show your affection is like nothing I have ever seen before. Truth is. I’m actually the kind of girl who prefers to keeps things low key. Low profile. I’m never the kind who will stand in the middle of orchard road and scream “I love you”. Your guts really amazes me. I’ll never be able to do what you do. I have to admit that it can be pretty sweet at times but there are times when it goes overboard and becomes rather annoying.


I don’t really know. If I can entrust myself to you. Because I’m pretty messed up. (I find the way you say I’m a pretty little mess rather cute. Just saying.)

I’ve always been the one changing others. It will be good to have someone who’s able to change me. That’ll be quite a feat.


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