Wrongly – accused

Can’t really believe I’m saying this but it pisses me off sometimes that you are misunderstood. I can honestly say that I did make wrong judgements about you before. Because what you portray on the outside ain’t really who you are on the inside. You only show the more aggressive and strong front on the outside. Not that I’m saying you’re weak on the inside. It’s just a whole different person on the inside that’s all. Someone less indifferent. More caring. Pretty thoughtful and sentimental.

But as we got closer, I started to know the true you. The real you. You’re like a kueh lapis. People need to peel off one layer by one layer to see what’s underneath and understand the real you.

I don’t really see your flaws as problems. Just means that you’re different. Way different from others. I just feel somewhat upset that people don’t really understand you and make assumptions based on what they know.

Looking back, I think I might actually be somewhat like them. But no so extreme. I’ll probably say “I can’t say much because I don’t really know him well.” I just got lucky. Fortunate enough to know you better. And I’m glad i could. You’re a pretty nice guy on the inside. It just takes sometime to find that side of you.

To me there’s no absolute right or wrong things in life. It’s just about doing what’s best at that point in time. Not that I’m entirely siding you because it’s really no ones fault. I just get really annoyed that somehow the blame gets pushed to you all the time. Others assume and judge before you even have a chance to say your piece. That’s really unfair. It doesn’t only apply to you but to everyone. Isn’t it only right and fair that everyone is given a chance to explain themselves before judgements and opinions are being made?

Maybe I’m being a wee bit hypocritical. Have to admit that sometimes we, as humans, will definitely be more influenced by people we are closer to. And therefore tend to take sides with them. Myself included. BUT STILL!!

I think I’m getting a bit too uptight. Breathe in and out. In the future, if I die, my cause of death will probably be high blood pressure and clogged up arteries because I’m such a pig.

That aside, I really hope that people will at least give others a chance to say their side of the story. When shit happens, it’s never anyone’s fault. It’s just unfortunate.

You’re taking too much of the blame because what everyone hears is her side of the story. No one knows your side. That’s because she tells everyone everything and you don’t say anything. Sometimes it’s really not your fault because she tells the whole world but not you. Perhaps sometimes the reason why you don’t think there’s anything wrong is because you don’t know anything.

Sigh. I really hope things will get better. For both of you. Really don’t want to see either of you unhappy anymore.


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