Funny – how things turn out

I find it extremely amusing that the people who I used to hate (perhaps thats too strong a word) or maybe dislike, all end up as my good friends. Interesting isn’t it. No wonder God tell us not to be quick to judge because we will never know whether these people may, one day, be a significant part of our lives.

I am judgmental. Not going to deny it. Those who know me will know that. A tad too influenced by what others say. A tiny little too quick when making conclusions. A wee bit too focused on outward appearance. Can’t really help it. When I see something worth poking fun at when on the streets, endless flow of comments comes out of my mouth. Effortlessly and fluently.

That is not something to be proud of. But that’s just me. I cast my judgement too fast. Shallow. Stupid. Superficial. Only to find out they are the total opposite of what I thought they were.

“Xiao di” – the harsh guy whom I used to think is overly invasive and not trustworthy. Domineering. Always justifying himself. Turned out to be a sweet little thing which needed a bit more time to get comfortable and start opening up.

That noisy dude from the class next door – the annoying, immature, insensitive guy whom I got irritated with a million times. Turned out to be a gentle, caring, understanding guy who fights for what he wants. And has a lot of guts. Fearless. Pretty responsible too. I think.

Gay older brother – the sissy, immature, overprotective guy who I thought was extremely childish. Turned out to be the dude who watches over me and makes sure I don’t do anything I’ll regret. Sometimes scolding me. When needed.

And many many other people that I can’t really remember off hand.

Don’t you think it’s really interesting how the people who you thought you’ll never be associated with end up as the people who mean the most to you. Start to find out that they have similar characters as you do and they understand you. Amazing.

Yet another example of how unpredictable life can be. And I have to be thankful that I met each and everyone of them. Perhaps I should learn how to be more accepting and not jump into conclusions so quickly.

After all everyone has their own story to tell. Don’t judge before you hear it. Until you’ve been through what they have. You have no right to comment.


Instead shouldn’t we look in the mirror and start judging ourselves first. Reflect. We are always so harsh on others. Quick to judge. But so soft on ourselves. Giving excuses all the time. Why is it that we can always see a speck in someone else’s eye but can’t see the log in front of our own? Human problems.


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