We – and not just me

The word “we” is used by a speaker when referring to himself and one or more other people. Indicating inclusivity and a tinge of togetherness.

Its the weekends. Slightly more time to think and pen my thoughts down. So here I am thinking about something you said to me. There was this certain warm fuzzy feeling I felt.

I realised that the word “we” is a pretty powerful word. It brings some form of comfort and reassurance to the soul. There is a subtle difference when you say “we will find a way to make things work out” as compared to simply “Things will work out”. I don’t know about you. But to me, the entire meaning of that sentence changed. The former gives the “hey, you don’t have to go through this hellhole alone” vibe while the latter is merely a statement. Lacking emotion. As if said out of formality – for the sake of saying it. The power if linguistics I’ll say.

Interesting. The way humans behave and interact with one another. The desire to have some form of support. Emotional support. Always puzzles me how “having someone there for me” can make such a significant difference in the way I feel. And on my sense of security.

I guess this is just an instinctive human need to have companionship. Somehow the thought of being alone brings much unrest and insecurity to us on the inside. Gap. Hole. Emptiness. Or is this just a girl thing?

Speaking about emotional support. What exactly is it? How is it that someone’s presence and thoughts can keep us going. Pressing on. Even though they are not exactly contributing much to your situation. Don’t exactly know how to put it across accurately.

Guess it’s a psychological thing. The thought of not having to do something alone makes the task ahead seem less daunting. Less intimidating.

Enough talk about the word “we”. Back to my own experience. I guess. What really moved me was how you made it seem like you’ll be with me the entire way. That made a whole lot of difference. As much as I say that I prefer to sort things out on my own, a little help will make things a lot better. It gets increasingly harder to do things on my own. Given the additional problems and my helplessness. I hope you hold through to your word.


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