Hate – all these drama

Really did not want to blog until the weekends because I am so busy and tired. But all the angst. Need to let it out. Got to admit it. Half of the time when I blog. It is usually about something I am angry or upset about. Rarely do I feel the need to blog when I am happy. Agree?

That aside. I just wanted to say. That I really do not get what is going through all of your heads. Disclaimer. This is my own view. Probably extremely opinionated and biased. You have all rights to disagree with me.

First. Leadership title. If you are appointed by others as the leader or head then would it not be natural for people to expect more from you. It is not an empty title. Just for pure status. True it may all seem as though it is just a popularity contest. I myself have to agree with that. But ultimately you are given that position. You will have to start living up to your title. Would it not only make sense to carry yourself better than others since you are place in authority over others. Every title comes with responsibilities. If you have the mentality that it is just an empty title. Then you should not have even considered running. Just saying. People trust that you are capable to carry out the task designated to you. Set a good example. Lead others well. That is why they voted for you. Do not disappoint me. Do not let them down.

Second. Hypocrites. “Guys no playing in the central plaza. If anyone of you gets caught. I will get a scolding.” Five minutes later. “Central plaza pick up. Anyone?” Got to be kidding me. Make up your mind which side you are on. Want to a rebellious bad ass. Then go ahead but do not chicken out when you get into trouble. And get all of us into trouble. Do not find trouble before trouble finds you. Talk about selfish. I think you are the selfish one. You know we are in quite big a mess. And are barely hanging by a thread. But you keep taking the risk and pushing the limits. And yet you have the cheek to call others selfish for making an unintentional mistake that got us into a wee bit of trouble that Friday. That hardly makes sense to me. Hey. Time to look at yourself in the mirror and start reflecting.

Third. I do not get why things always get so heated up. Biased. There is a fine line between work and personal issues. Do not drag your personal hate or bad experienced into work related issues. Just goes to show your maturity. (Just realised that I might have done that before. But then again. I am not mature.) Just because that one person said it. Everything turns bad. Is it so hard to look at things objectively and just do away with the personal attacks? If someone else said it. I bet you a million bucks. Things would be so different. Is it so hard to admit that there is truth in what was said and you were in the wrong? Sometimes I wonder. Have you all thought through and analyzed the whole situation objectively before commenting. Obviously not. Self-centered views. Have you ever thought about the team as a corporate body. And the repercussions of your little moments of fun and enjoyment on all of us. It is not only about you. Not only about us. But those who were before us. And the other future batches. If you really like doing what you do. Should you not start trying to save it. Instead of constantly putting it in danger.

Fourth. All talk. No action. That is what we all are. Each time. You agree to stick by the rules and regulations. How quickly do you “forget” your agreement. Within the same day. Empty promises and agreements. Reasons why I gave up on humans. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. It is not that hard. It just takes a bit more discipline. Besides. This should not even be your priority now. Your priority now will be so clear promotional exams. If you cannot even pass. You can forget about training. It is quite (make that very) foolish to choose short term fun and enjoyment over long term training and practicing. Is it that hard to have some self-control. Like I said earlier. It is not about an individual but a whole team. Time to start thinking for others.

Fifth. Pretty much a summary of the above five points. These are not my words. But they reflect exactly how I feel so I shall just copy paste it whole sale. “It would be different. If someone else said it, people would just go along with it. It is the kind of mindset in which people think that since the person does not have any title of position, then he is in no position to say such stuff. But the thing is, if those in power are not doing anything about it or in fact are actually contributing to the problem, they have no right to think that way of him. He is only doing what they are supposed to do but are not doing. And pointing it out to them. It’s hypocritical, they complain about him because they feel wronged. And when their actions cause us to go down in ashes. They start pointing fingers.” Well said. Only the people with titles should be allowed to make comments and sort of tell people off. Ridiculous. Is it not only human to tell someone off when he or she does something wrong. Regardless of your status. I believe anyone is free to comment and state their views. Especially when is for the majority’s good. It is sad. That those in power close one eye (or both eyes) and are not stepping up to stop all these irresponsible behaviours. (Myself included.) And yet when someone else under them steps up. The person only gets deemed as challenging authority and assuming title. Least they can do is thank him for doing their job for them. It was merely just a harmless gentle reminder. With a slightly stern tone. Why make a mountain out of a mould hill.

Honestly I am sick of all these drama. Stop making personal attacks and assumptions. For once can everyone just stick to what they are suppose to do. Better be safe then sorry. Especially in such a time. Get your priorities right. And for goodness sake. Spare a thought for others.


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