Reading – my new past time

It has been clearer to me. How I no longer am interested in boring conversations about trivial things such as how the weather is today or how good dinner tasted. I crave for deeper conversations. Thought provoking. About life. Issues. Rights. Preferences. This is what general paper does to you. Nonetheless. I kind of like […]

What if – it is just not meant to be

也许在 作词:陈少琪 作曲:侯磊 演唱:孙楠 多年不见 在这路边跟你再遇见 你的坦然 亲切的脸还像那一天 记得当时 我们的爱太肤浅 在那个分手的下雨天 说好了不再见 也许在你心里 失去我的记忆 没有你的日子 我真的有想你 也许在我心里 有太多你的痕迹 后来我爱的人 都像你 多想问你 是否依然雨天会失眠 你爱的人 是否还在耽误你时间 你的笑脸 仿佛多了点疲倦 我们在离开前说再见 是不是会再见 也许在你心里 失去我的记忆 没有你的日子 我真的有想你 也许在我心里 有太多你的痕迹 后来我爱的人 都像你 也许我们心里 有太多的也许 不能走在一起 才学会了珍惜 也许我们心里 有太多没有忘记 原来那些日子 最美丽 Need I say anymore?

White lies – for good or for bad

White lie – a harmless or trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Or so they say. Is hiding the truth or covering up really protecting the other party? Could it end up causing more hurt instead? Lie – an intentionally false statement. Intentionally. Suggesting that it was carefully thought out. Planned […]

Touched – not quite

Pencil: I am sorry… Eraser: For what? You didn’t do anything wrong. Pencil: I am sorry because you get hurt because of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you’re always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time. Eraser: […]

Glad – I have you

So busy. So tired. So drained. So much angst lately. Just realised my last few posts are all about unhappy things and stress. Today. Shall write a happy one. So much has happened lately and examinations are round the corner. Stressed up because I am so unprepared. Sigh. But amidst all the rushing here and […]

Silent – screams

I may seem cool and all. Acting as if I can handle everything. Not get affected. Put all emotions aside and focus on what is important. Truth is no. I am not all that strong. I am crumbling inside. Cannot hold this much longer. I keep thinking. Keep worrying. What to do. What to say. […]

Because – nobody cares

I really wonder why sometimes. Why I bother sparing a thought for others. Putting myself at such a disadvantageous and stressful position. Getting so unhappy. So guilty all the time. Is it really worth it. Just realised. I have the power. The power to control the situation. The ability to pick one individual over the […]

Suffocated – need my space

You have much to learn. My mannerism. My habits. My preferences. This is not working out. I feel suffocated. Restricted. Constantly watched. I hate this. I feel so uneasy. Not given any room to be myself. Constantly having to report my whereabouts and actions. What is this. I never had to to this for a […]