Stay – strong

They say if things are not looking good it is probably not the end. When I think of it. Her problems are way worse then mine. So instead of whining and getting upset everyday. I should channel my energy to help her. Not that I am going to neglect my problems. Just that, honestly speaking, […]

Commitment – honoring others

An owner’s relationship to commitments is powerful and simple: “I create the commitments in my life. They are mine. I can create them or destroy them.” A victim has no such relationship to commitment. To a victim, commitments are feelings. They come and go, like stomach gas. “I’m not feeling the same commitment to my […]

Injecting – some happiness

  WHALE! It is so ugly that it actually looks cute. Things I do to make myself happier when I am extremely upset. I guess amidst all this drama and unhappiness. I do have things to be happy about and thankful for. For starters. Big thank you to that xiao di who has been putting […]

Simple – yet so hard to achieve

Probably going to get some scolding from god knows who again for being so upset and overly-emotional. Sorry for being built this way. Everyone else is living their lives normally and here I am getting upset over everything. Wish I could just be like everyone else. Just not care about anything. I tired. Honestly. To […]

Understanding – wears me out

Ask anyone to describe me and the first thing they will say is that I am very understanding. I sometimes question if that is really true. I know for sure I am very judgmental. Especially when it comes to superficial and materialistic things. Those who know me will know how often I judge what I […]

Turning – point

You know you really care about someone when you run out of your house to find a drunk girl at 1 am despite you knowing that life as you know it will end if your parents catch you. I do not even know how to feel about this whole episode. First, was of frantic. The […]

Overly – emotional night

The day I met you would be the end of life as I know it. I just miss everything that we had. Everything we were. The both of us. Just you and me. Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even […]