Eat – it or keep it

I find that we humans tend to be a tad too greedy at times. Essentially we reap what we sow. If we do not sow, should we not expect little returns. And then we still expect to receive so much more than we sow. Admittedly, sometimes we do get lucky and end up reviving more than expected. But ultimately, we still have to put in the effort and time. 事半功倍 (to have lots of returns despite putting in minimal effort) just does not work all the time. And essentially, it is good to cultivate a habit of putting in effort in what you do.

I am not going to draw any reference to anyone but myself. Where do I start. This year has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Absolutely no motivation to study. So I wasted my entire year away doing nothing. Literally. Apart from sulking a good 4 out of 7 days in a week.

Just before my examinations I got very affected by personal relationships and matters of the heart. Tried really hard to separate the two but I guess it was not enough. Currently in the amidst of receiving my results. They are not fantastic but I am pretty sure I should be able to promote.

I kind of excepted bad grades. But I did (too) expect to do better than this. A sense of relief and a tinge of disappointment. But I have come to realised that I had to bare the consequences of my actions. My inconsistency and procrastination were the reasons I had bad grades. Not to forget my choice to neglect my studies. For the last minute effort I put in. I cannot expect for more.

Just that feeling when I know I could have done so much better if I just tried harder and started earlier. Have no one else to blame but myself. Full of regret.

But to quote my friend – I should stop being a greedy bastard. Things could have turned out worse. But it was not that bad. I came for this examinations with an intention to promote. Nothing more nothing less. Because given the circumstances I was in before my examination, I knew I will not be able to perform as well as I would have wanted to. All I wanted was results that are good enough for me to promote and bad enough to motivate me to study. I guess I got what I wanted.

We all have to learn to be satisfied and accept the fact that what we receive in return of our effort will be more or less what we sow. If we choose to play and have fun. Naturally, our grades will have to give way. Vice versa. We can never have the cake and eat it. Unless you are some genius who can score straight As without having to spend half as much effort studying or paying attention in class. Face it. Not many of us are like that. Majority of us are average Joes. We have to work hard to receive good results. Instead of wondering how life will be like if we were as intelligent and smart as others or regretting when we get back undesirable results, why not try start putting in effort. Is it that hard to just do the minimum? Or do what you are capable of doing? No harm trying. At least even if you fail, you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you tried.

No use crying over spilt milk now. Pick yourself and start again. Not all hope is lost. I know it sucks real bad now but it will be over soon. Face the consequences bravely and try harder the next time. Though it may seem like you are at a dead end and there is no brighter side. Trust me things do get better. It is just a matter if whether you are willing to set your heart on doing it. So to all those who are really worried or upset about their results, cheer up. There is still time to make a change. Ultimately. The end goal is the national exams next year. Keep the faith.


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