Like – minded little bro

You can be the bane of my existence at times. Doing stupid things that create a bigger mess for me. Remember what happened with my phone wallpaper. That day I was this close to strangling you and screaming in your face. Not mention the constant teasing. One day I will die of high blood pressure and it is all your fault.

That aside. I still love you. Stupidly nonsensical person who never fails to make me go high at night. And embarrass me until I turn all red. It is rare to find some one with somewhat similar core beliefs. Though I really do not get your logic at times, I am glad I can tell you everything and anything. Thanks for patiently listening to me rant, sulk and whine. I appreciate how you always make an effort to give me advice and solutions to my problems. It really helps an indecisive person like me to make the right choice.

I like how we can stare at each other and know what the other party is thinking. Telepathic powers. Those sheepish smiles.

I guess you know me well enough to know when I am really upset. Thanks for taking the initiative to ask me if I am alright and comfort me. Thanks for giving me the right things at the right time.

I have no idea how we came from two hot-headed people who could barely get along to this – brother and sister. I am glad we grew closer with the countless projects we embarked on together. I guess that was how we got to understand each other more and learn how to accept each other’s flaws.

This is going to sound cheesy and do not laugh. What will I do if I did not have you as a classmate. My junior college life will be so miserable. I am not even kidding. You have the ability to inject happiness to those around you so stay happy and bubbly.

Maybe you should try to open up to others more. Not everyone is here to hurt you. Not everyone will overlook you. Not everyone will take advantage of you. Well at least I know I will not. Give humanity a second chance. Stop looking at things so objectively and realistically. Sometimes you got to believe and feel to see miracles happen. The world is not all that gloomy and you are not all that weird. You just need to be more open to various views and not be so rooted in your own values. There can be some truth in what others say. Instead of sticking to those who think the same way as you do to reinforce your ideologies. Mix around with those who have different opinions to gain more perspective to life. You always liked people to be direct and so here I am giving my absolutely honest opinion. Hope it helps.

So so so blessed to have you in my life. Take care and grow up please.


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