Little – girl holding the balloon

I think I have been quite a douche lately because of all that has been happening. Guess it is time to show some appreciation to those who have stuck around and tolerated all my nonsense. Dedicating a post each to all of you because you deserve it. Hope you all see it. This is in no particular order.

To that small kid who lives one estate away from me.

I am so sorry for ignoring you today and giving you cold replies. I guess I need to learn how not to let mt emotions get the better of me. Sorry for spoiling your day. Just want to say that I really appreciate how you always have to listen to me complain and worry and over think. And each and every time you will patiently tell me that things will turn out find. Must be boring to hear me complain about the same things over and over again. Not to mention tiring too.

A big thank you for always cracking jokes and being so so so you that I cannot stop laughing at your weird fetishes. Really enjoy all the afternoons after school that are spent with you. From baking cookies and fooling around in supermarkets. You have brought much joy to my life this year and made schooling so much more bearable. So thank you and I hope you are not upset. And yes, I will bake your rainbow cake in a jar with you.

Stay cute and weird. Please take care of your knee too. And all your other problems. If not I will get him to take care of you. Just kidding. I love you girl. And stop giving me that weird “you are a freak” look every time I say that to you. I really thank God I met you this year. Take care. Love you small kid.


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