Surprise – really sweet of you

Hello from Hong Kong. Nice misty weather! I wanted to blog before I leave but, as usual, I was too busy texting people. Thanks for all the well wishes. Will definitely have fun here. Seventeen degrees here and I am loving in. Not looking forward to the weather back home when I come back. Anyway, […]

Lackluster – eating up my soul

Holidays can be as much of a burden as a blessing. Having too much free time at hand gives me room to overthink. Which lead to sulking. And maybe desperation. They say occupy yourself. With what? Studies? When I look at that mountain of work, I get put off immediately. Not going to touch it. […]

Control – getting a hold on me

Why do you have so much control over me. My feelings. My mood. My everything. Last night, I could not sleep, again. Up thinking about things. Wondering how I am every going to let go of everything I shared with you. Those laughs. Those texts. Those memories. I thought I was doing fine. That maybe […]