Silence – a night to remember

Silence. Something feared and shunned away by many can sometimes bring comfort to the soul.

Sitting beside some special in pure silence can bring about peace. Comfort is felt even when nothing is being said. Quietness that brings about healing.

For once, no more quarrels and unhappiness. Just sitting beside each other in sheer silence, enjoying each other’s company. With injections of lighthearted talk and laughter every now and then.

Two people in a world entirely of their own. Fully adsorbed in their own things, paying little attention to the other. But yet there is an unspoken happiness felt when in each other’s presence.

Tonight felt different. There was no more anger. No more hate. No more frustrations. No more sadness.

Just silence and warmth.

Choosing to remain mum. Do not want to spoil the night.


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