Superficial – I cannot comprehend

I have never seen anyone as superficial as she is in my life. I know I am in no position to judge but really, how is it possible for anyone to rank looks and physical built as their most important criteria when looking for a partner. Admittedly, many of us do take physical appearance into consideration. But I am confident that majority will prioritise character and personality over looks. Or is it just me.

Face it. You will become some wrinkled cucumber like thing when you grow old. Sure you can prolong your youth and beauty but you will eventually grow old one day. Well unless you constantly go for Botox and plastic surgery. But realistically speaking, for an average human being, that is obviously not going to happen.

Since we are all going to grow old. White hair. Wrinkled skin. Is there really a need to place so much emphasis on finding a good looking partner. I really do not get it.

I have to admit that I do have eye candies. But having said that, I tend to classify eye candies as people who I do not intend to start a relationship with. Why. For starters, because I do not know who they are as a person. And most of the time, I never get a chance to speak to them. Would be nice to know them personally, but I am quite contented with just being able to admire their looks. Eye candies – just too look and never to have.

For me, personality is way more attractive than anything else. If he looks good, that is a bonus. Personalities can be changed but I believe that the core values that a person has will not alter that much. You are who you are. As cliche as it sounds, it is true. You can behave differently, act differently, think differently, but what you stand for and value will remain mostly the same. Your core values are nurtured from young. They are inbuilt and inscribed in your being. No matter how hard to try to look at things in a different perspective and consider other options, you will realise that your final judgement will still be based on your fundamental values and beliefs.

Character and personalities tend to remain consistent for a lifetime, unless a continuous and concerted effort is made to change it. If that is so, would it not be more logical to choose a partner based on their character.

I can never comprehend how her funny little brain works.


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