Commitment – can be such a burden

Commitment is something extremely sweet. It is a promise that shows a person’s dedication.

It is like saying the wedding vows a the alter. A couple committed to stick with each other in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. Making an engagement that they will always remain faithful and love each other. This sacred ceremony is conducted in the church, with God being the judge and witness.

When two people who come together choose to stay committed to each other, good things happen.

However, the sad truth is that sometimes over commitment can lead to expectations. Expectations descent to disappointments. Disappointment results in hurt. Hurt ruins relationships.

Maybe once in a while, it is good to refrain from having any commitments. Perhaps then expectations will be lowered. And disappointment minimized.

Though I am not satisfied. I think maintaining this cordial relationship is the best for now. So tired of thinking. Still confused. Enough of all the serious talk. Sometimes, letting loose is good. Casual talks about random things. Light-hearted and happy. Sweet moments of bliss. Priceless in my eyes.

I have not had a good laugh with you for a while now. Push all the problems between us aside and just be us. That night at the void deck, it was great. Simply enjoying each other’s company. Simple pleasures.

A definite answer will be the best. But no point forcing it because you may just end up making a definite choice you will regret. If getting a definite answer comes at the expense of all these little pockets of joy, then it is not worth it. I will rather have these last bits of memories.

Putting all the commitments and promises aside. Starting from scratch again. The process of knowing and discovering. Then falling in love again.

I hope I am strong enough to hold on.


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