Did – you forget

What we fear the most is not death but being forgotten.

~ Battle Royal II

That is essentially the reason why I am so afraid to let go. When you let go, it signifies a clean break. That whatever you held on so tightly to is no longer yours. You have no control and no say over what the person does.

That fear that one day as we drift apart, I will not even be a small part of your life. Too insignificant that keeping in touch no longer matters. But the scariest part is when you have completely forgotten about me. The times we shared. The changed we have made on each other. Everything.

Everyone on earth has the same goal – to make a difference. Be it something huge like a global change or something simple like making a difference in someone’s life. Mine is the latter. We all wish to be the one that will always be remembered. So do I. I wish to be the one you cannot forget. The one who made a good change in your life. The one whom you will tell others about.

But I know I am not all that fantastic. So I my only wish is for you to remember me. I do not want to be forgotten. Not by you.

Still, I wish there will be more birthdays together. More christmas together. Just more time together.


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