To – those six idiots

Eat. Live. Party.

It is not often that you find a group of friends who are of your age and stay in the vicinity. The regular crashing at each other’s houses to have fun. The last minute movie dates. The late nights out at the playground. Companionship and laughter.

Sure those times have passed. We all have different lives now. Different commitments. Different priorities. Hardly meet up nowadays. And we never took a proper group photo until today. But what matters most is that we are still willing to take time out once in a while to celebrate each other’s birthdays.

Times like these are what I use to remind myself that there is still hope. They say before you go into a war you should know what you are fighting for. After going though everything, I guess they are worth fighting for.

Yes, we do fight. We do get upset at each other. Cold wars. Distancing. Done them all. But what matters now is that we have all patched up and clear the air. All thanks to the Lao da. Guess who.

Someone finally has his wish fulfilled. And I pray it will stay this way. It will not be easily but it is possible.

Through there are still minor conflicts, unhappiness and unaddressed issues. For now, I am quite contented to leave all that behind me. Chuck it aside and just spend time with them. Nothing is more important than spending quality time with good company. Not going to spoil the night.

We may not be all that close now. But no matter what I know we still got each other’s back. I really hope that no matter what path you all may choose, each and everyone of you will live a fulfilling life. And may we stay in contact for a long long long time.

Night like this – wish the sun will never rise.


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