Vanished – left in a blur

From liking. To neutrality. To perhaps detest. I wonder if I really know who you were. Wondering if all that I have been seeing is the good side of you. For all I know you where putting in a show just to please me. I just feel like I have no idea who you are as a person. From that fatal mistake you make during the September holidays to what you said to me earlier this week. Do I even know you?

Time and time again. You prove me wrong. Make me feel that my perception of you was carefully crafted and thought out by you. I feel so manipulated. Feeling quite disappointed.

This is why I hate it when someone likes me before both parties have a deeper understanding of each other. Simply because when you like someone, you tend to put forth the best side of you in attempts to impress the other party. By doing so, you lose your genuineness. I will never really get to have a true understanding of who the person is.

Completely full of regret. Cannot believe that after prioritizing you, this is what I get in return. I chose to deal with the issue between me and you first. And because of this, I ended up losing the one which meant the most to me. Ridiculous. If I saw this coming I would not even try to patch things up with you. I might as well just be a bitch, ditch you and go back with him. You are not worth my time and effort anymore. I am done here.

I do not know if you have always been that tactless and insensitive or if you have changed after we fell out. Whatever the case, I really cannot be bothered with you anymore. And just so you know. Ever since that fateful night, I knew it was impossible between us. And to think that you thought I was playing with you this whole time. Wow, thought you knew me better. Guess not. I suppose it is mutual then.

This close to strangling you to death.


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