Signals – in all sorts of directions

You are really messing with my head. One moment you are caring. The next, you seem as though you cannot be bother. Make up your mind will you. If you want to care as a friend then do it. Draw the line. I will be able to sense it. If you want to care as more than a friend, then you better not crush my hopes after leading me on.

Is it so hard for you to make up your mind? I do not even know if this is good or bad. Good being I mean that much to you that are afraid to let me go. Bad being I do not mean a lot to you so you are willing to just be friends. I do not even know what you want from me.

I guess I really should stop expecting so much. When that day comes. I am going. As much as it will be my loss, it will be your loss too. I made a promise and I really cannot break this one. Even if you want me back, I cannot say yes anymore. I guess this is it. The final final final conclusion.

I know I will regret this. I guess the only comfort I can give myself is that pain is temporarily but happiness is for a lifetime. If it does not work out between us, I suppose there will be someone else out there for me. Perhaps he is not any better than you are. But he just might be the right one for me.

I am really sorry. I cannot hold on any longer. You had your chance. I had mine. Now it is up to fate.


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