Surprise – really sweet of you

Hello from Hong Kong.

Nice misty weather!

I wanted to blog before I leave but, as usual, I was too busy texting people. Thanks for all the well wishes. Will definitely have fun here.

Seventeen degrees here and I am loving in. Not looking forward to the weather back home when I come back.

Anyway, just quite amazed at how things turned out. Life can be so unpredictable. Great way to start my trip. Woke up to your text saying that you left something in the jacket and rushed downstairs to check. Literally bounced out of bed and ran down the moment I made sense of that text. That definitely woke me up. On a side note, thank you if not I would have been late.

As always, the guy of few words and many actions. Really intelligent way of giving me a nice surprise. I could pretty much guess what it was but who would have known that you would leave it in the pocket of your jacket. Better yet, pin it there so it will not drop.

I do not know if what you did meant anything but you really took me by surprise. Thanks. I am actually quite speechless so I guess I will end my post here. Once again, thanks for the pleasant surprise. See you in a week’s time.


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