Resolutions – for 2014

Joining all the new year resolution spams and post. Never one who made new year resolutions but after the eventful 2013, I thought it will be nice for me to give myself a bit more direction. So to all my friends, you can hold me accountable and I would appreciate it if you remind me […]

Zoomed – passed me

So much has happened and too fast. So much so I have yet to comprehend the severity of everything. Yet I choose to remain ignorant and oblivious. People come and go, telling me their take on issues and then ending off with – think about it. Enough of thinking, I do not want to think […]

Same – old lonely nights

The heart whispers prayers not heard by any. The night grows cold as she sits by the window and gaze at the stars. The gentle breeze of the night brushes against her cheeks. The moon glistens in the tears that falls from her eyes. The silence swallows her. She is alone again.

Time – ticks away

Simple bliss when the end is nearing. Nothing else seems to matter anymore and all we want to do is to enjoy the last few moments. Looking back and laughing at the past. How naive we were. All that matters now is that it all ends on a high note. No more hurt no more […]

Epitome – of sadness

No idea how you knew I was so upset. I did not think it was obvious through text but you saw right through it. Truth be told, sometimes I feel extremely troubled because of you. Can you stop treating me so nicely? I do not like it when people treat me nice. Admittedly, it feels […]