Trekking – mother nature’s beauty

This is a bit late but I finally got my lazy bum to the computer and blog about my Hong Kong trip. Going to be a really long post so bare with me.

The trip was extraordinary. Super super tiring and somewhat boring when it hit the third and fourth day but I am glad that the people made things a whole lot more fun. Late night heart to heart talks. Canned food lunches. And all the injured knees and ankles. I guess it was more fulfilling than I expected it to be. And I think I slimmed down because I can fit into my old shorts which I grew out of. Ops. Have not officially checked my weight on the weighing scale but I do feel a lot more stronger. Hopefully, I can gauge from tomorrow’s training.

Enough of my crapping, here is a day to day sum up of the trip and some photos. Enjoy!

Day 1 – 28 November 2013

Welcome to Hong Kong. We reach the airport around noon and immediately got hooked on the free wifi there. Love the Hong Kong airport. Honestly speaking, I think the most useful thing at an airport is free wifi so that people can notify their families and friend that they have landed safely at their destination. Next, was a finger licking good lunch, probably the best meal we had before we went off trekking.


Some random bridge that looks pretty cool.


Ignore the no smoking sign. I took it while I was in the bus. Ops.

Pretty pretty scenery as we made our way to the YMCA campsite. A glimpse of the city before we indulge in nature and its finest for the next couple of days. After which, it was the usual checking in and dinner. To end the day, we headed out to the super market to get our supplies and packed lunch for the whole trail. Pretty much a boring and mundane day but everyone was hyped up and excited about the trail.

Having said that, day one night was so bad. I could not fall asleep. I was drifting in and out of sleep. Each time I woke up, I checked my phone, hoping it would be time to wake up. But no! One moment it was 11.46pm. The next, it was 1.25am. I actually remembered the exact times! Such a joke. I wanted to get up to pee but I was too afraid. Finally, when I could not take it anymore, I got out of bed, went to the toilet and spend the next hour playing games on my phone. I really could not fall asleep. I even typed mini diary entry which went – well. It is 2am and I really cannot sleep. I think I am really suffering from insomnia. I would really like to believe you, but I am a afraid. It is too good to be true… Trying so hard to sleep. I wish you were here. Dear God, pray that you will keep each and every one of us safe and help me sleep. Amen. I cannot get anymore retarded than this. And as usual, when I finally managed to sleep, the alarm rang.

Day 2 – 29 November 2013

Started the day with little or no sleep and so did everyone else. Walking zombies at 6 plus in the morning. Sky was still dark when we boarded the bus to our starting point. And began our hundred kilometer Maclehose Trail. Today will be the longest track – about 34km. Good luck to us!


 First few steps. Here we go.


 What we will complete in the next four days. Intense!

Stage 1 was really pretty and well, relaxed? All the flat road and breathtaking view of the hills and rivers and beaches. Warm up for us before we head down to stage 2.


When I look at this I think of all the Geography stuffs I learnt about in rivers and coasts. Cliffs, sedimentation and whatnot. Inner nerd exposed.


A more aerial view.


We still have a long way to go.


That is a delta. Wait no, beach? Oh man, I am forgetting all my Geography stuffs. Anyway, to the left is a drug rehabilitation center. How cool is that!

Off to stage 2. Stairs. I suppose the climb was not that bad since it is the first day and we were all somewhat energised. Still, it did feel a tad tiring. Well, I am not used to climbing stairs.


 This is when Miley’s The Climb comes to mind.


 The view was worth the climb.


What goes up, must come down. Long long walk down.

When we got down, we stopped for lunch, only to realise that we did not bring enough food. Tired and hungry we were. Nonetheless, we were greeted with beautiful trash-less beaches.


Squeaky clean beaches.


London bridge is falling down. Super shaky bridge that we had cross. And I think it moves!


Old abandoned houses. Pretty creepy if you ask me.

Finally, stage 3, last stage of the day. And the toughest one too. It was really steep at some parts, not to mention that there were no proper steps. It was mainly just rocks and more rocks. Feels a bit like rock climbing.


The rocky road. It is a long way up.


 Misty mountains. Can it get any better than this?


Among the trees. Nothing to see but was a nice experience.


That moment when we all stop walking and talking and stood in absolute silence.


Evening time. This is a well taken photo. Credits to me!

We did venture late into the night but the photos are all bad so I decided not to upload them. Actually, it was not very late. the sky just sets very early there in Hong Kong, probably about 5.30pm to 6pm. After that it is pitch black, apart from the city lights. We still had a long long way up the last peak of the day and by the time we got up, It was really dark. However, the sky was so clear that we could see millions of stars. I saw the same trio stars I always see back home there too. What a breathtaking sight! The sky was so clear that night. If only cameras could capture stars. Such a pity. Nonetheless, really grateful that I had a chance to experience all that. Literally a blanket of stars. Sadly, we all wanted to go down and have our dinner so star gazing was cut short. We quickly embarked on our decent only to find ourselves trapped in a maze of never ending stairs. Just when you think you are reaching the end, a new flight of stairs greets you. My poor aching knees. Once we reached the bottom, we still had to walk another 1km or so to take the public bus back. Thankfully, pipping hot dinner greeted us back at the campsite. Food really does make the world go round. With our tummies all filled up, it was time to head back to our room for wash up and the long awaited sleep. That night, no one had problems falling asleep. We were so exhausted. And trust me when I say all of us regretted signing up for this trip. But having said that, it was a job well done. One day down, three more to go!


Day 3 – 30 November 2013

Had an extremely good rest last night but we all woke up with sore aching bodies. On the whole, the trek that day was way easier than the previous day.

The view at stage 4 was magnificent. We could see the entire trail and the cityscape.



Tiny tiny houses.

Day 4 – 1 December 2013

Day 5 – 2 December 2013


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