Taiwan – day 2

Super sleepy because I stayed up to study a bit and talk to the fatty. Woke up way earlier than I normally would to gym. (Super afraid I will grow fat because Taiwan has so much good food.) The run and bit of weights were energizing but I knocked out soon after. Too little sleep.


Then, it is off to sun moon lake where I met a teammate. How coincidental. Had a great time enjoying the scenery and breeze. The weather was nice despite the drizzle. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to eat the famous tea egg. Oh well, maybe next time.

And and and, I found the story behind how people started inhabiting the islands interesting. The story goes – there was a group of villagers who saw a white deer and tried to hunt it down. They chased it all the way to the sun moon lake islands. The deer had no where else to go so it jumped into the river. After that, the village head dreamt of the deer and in the dream, the deer told him to inhabit the area. Sun moon lake is rich with mountains and hills for for hunting and has a beautiful lake saturated with fish. The weather there is also excellent, making it a very good place for people to settle down and start families. Ever since then, the people believed that it was the white deer that lead them there and are forever thankful to it. Pretty cool story though it sounds so fake. Me and my little imaginative mind.




To end the day, we went to Taichung’s Fengjia night market. Such a happy kid now because I finally had my long awaited smelly tofu, fried chicken, roasted meat and milk tea. Shopping was boring because my dad did not bother walking into any shops and I did not want to hold everyone back by going in so I only ended up buying a dress. Saddened. I must splurge more at the next night market. On the issue of shopping, I should probably find a boyfriend who likes shopping or at least is willing to accompany me to shop. Shopping is something I cannot do without.






I already feel my fats accumulating but surprisingly I lost weight! I am a happy kid. Nonetheless, I am going to get up early tomorrow and head to the gym again. Need to clear space for all the food.

For now, it is off to play cards and snack on all the food we brought back. Yum yum. Fats fats fats. Looking forward to a fun night ahead!

On a side note, well done Exco. Hat was successful. Wish I could be there to help you all but 辛苦你们了. Enjoy the chalet, you all deserve it. And gentle reminder – do not get drunk. See you all back I’m Singapore soon.


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