Fantasizing – never too old for it

Wow it feels like it has been a while since I wrote a normal not upset post. So here it goes. Suppose to be up early tomorrow for team meeting but I cannot sleep. No particular reason why and for once, my mind is blank. Not thinking about anything and not mulling over the past. I should probably get some rest since I am falling ill but after lying in bed for an hour, I guess my time would be better spent doing something else.

At this instant, my dad is yelling at me to sleep. “No talking to friends online.” “No watching videos.” (I have been addicted to Masterchef lately.) It frustrates me sometimes how there is so little trust and when I say want time alone, I mean it. Sometimes, I think about things but not today. Just staring into space and enjoying the silence tonight. I must say there is a lot on my mind but I will leave that for another day.

It is pretty interesting how the ticking of the clock becomes so prominent now when it is so silent. Most part of the day, it gets masked behind all the overpowering noises. The television. The fan. The laughter. And wow it just hit me. The clock is the only thing that actually never stops (unless it is broken). It is that little thing that is always doing it’s job – helping us keep track of time. We get so caught up with our things that we overlook it until it stops ticking. When that happens, we are late for appointments and mess up our schedules. And who do we blame? The clock. Funny how life works.

Nothing much happening now, just reading random things online and letting my mind wonder off somewhere far far away. For a seventeen year old kid, I do fantasise a lot. Actually, I think behind all that “maturity” is a kid. I pretty much like things simple and, of course, happy.

Going to sound extremely childish now but hey it is good to let your hair down sometimes. Someone asked me what my Christmas wish is so here it goes. (Actually, what I really want is for this nightmare to be over but whatever, time to unleash the kid in me. Oh and yes, I know Christmas is over but it is still the season for hope and surprises.) It has been ages since I had a gift for Christmas. I suppose as we all grew older my parents do not really know what to give anymore so it is always either some fancy gadget or a red packet. This year I got none and neither did my siblings. That is new.

Anyway, back to fantasizing. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a snow leopard as a pet. Not a plushie but the real one. That cat embodies the true meaning of elegance and beauty. The way it sashays around – gentle and mysterious. Delicate paws making little imprints in the snow – super cute. Like some here and give me a hand shake.

Next, I want a bouncing castle so badly. I have never been onto a bouncing castle, not until I went to Taiwan. The sign board clearly said – only for children under twelve. But I went in anyways. That brief ten minutes or so was the happiest moment in my life, for this year at least. That exhilarating feeling I get when I jump and jump and jump and jump. (I told you I am a kid at heart.) Never have I felt so free and secure at the same time. It feels as though I could let lose and let go knowing that if I fall, I would land on the cushion below. If only I could trust people as much as I trust a bouncing castle.

Following that, I really really want to enter some cooking competition. Maybe I am currently a tad too influenced by all the Masterchef videos. That aside, I have always loved spending time in the kitchen. Open the fridge and make some random food to fill my tummy. I have never ever cooked while referring to some recipe. I pick up all my skills by watching my previous maid, my dad, the hawkers cook and all the random shows I watch. From there on, it is trail and error. I would love to spend more time in the kitchen but well, we all have a normal life to live and I barely have the time to whip up some good food. That being said, I am not a great cook. I just taste and cook and create things along the way. I did remember making a few dishes I can call my own but I forgot how I did it. Maybe they were flukes.

Probably after my stupid A levels, I would invest sometime into cooking. This time, I will jot down my creations. The one thing is like about cooking is that anyone can do anything with food. There is no limits. You just create and innovate. And I believe food is not just something that fills your stomach. It is something that satisfies your soul too. When you eat food, you taste not only the richness of the ingredients but also the chef’s heart. I cannot wait to go on a cooking craze.

They say three is the magic number so I guess I shall stop here. Besides, I am getting a little tired so I probably should try to get some sleep. So cheers, keep dreaming because dreams do come true.


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