Greatest – week ever

Super super excited for Chinese New Year. All the goodies and good company. Can this week get any better. Though I have not been getting much sleep lately it was all worth it (I suppose). Staying up the whole Saturday night (or should I say Sunday morning) talking, doing some revision and carrying out my […]

Tough – love

If only liking someone was so easily. I like you, you like me. And it all ends off with a happily ever after. But our insecure nature takes over and fills the relationship with doubt and distrust. Uncertainty engulfs the hopeful soul, leaving behind fragmented beings. Too broken to to try again. Too broken to […]

Hope – you know this

Being alone does not mean being lonely. Surround yourself with cheerful people and stop dwelling on the past. I can no longer be that person that provides emotional support and pick you up every time you fall. In desperate need of a break and I just want to rebuild myself and my life. Maybe next […]

Parents – internal struggle

Feeling extremely conflicted yet again. On one hand, I really hate how they just have to get so involved in my life. One must understand that I am that kind who like to keep most of my personal things to myself and I will only share them with people I am comfortable with. Well, obviously […]

Believing – is for the fools

That moment when you reminded me of all the reasons why I stopped believing. And to think that you were the one who get me believing again. Unbelievable. I wish I was just a tad smarter and perhaps more aware of everything. But yet time and time again, I still continue to make the same […]

Reflections – just wondering

Close to three in the morning on a school day. I was very tired but now, I guess not. Just lying on my bed think about everything thing that has happened. The year has barely started and so much has already taken place. Bold moves are being made. Unspoken words are being said. I am […]