Friendlies – to open the year

Just so extremely tired I am going to knock out any minute. My face is actually burning from all that sun today. Yes, I may be black from too to toe but I am getting a sun burn now. Sobs.

Looking back at the matches today, I suppose it was not that fantastic play from me today. Drop pull. Wrong decisions. Miscatch. But having said that, it could have been worse. Considering that I have not play for close to a month, my performance is not too bad (though it could have been better). I think this is probably the first time I have touched the disc 15835275373982583 time a during the game. The fact that I am finally getting what is going on in the game is making me so happy! I did not know I played that many points until I saw the stats sheet.

However, on the down side, my performance began to drop as the day passed. I suppose it was due to the lack of sleep and really just fatigued getting the better of me. That was when I started screwing up a lot and got told off by my coach. Oh well, I did get a bit disappointed but I recalled what my coach said on the train. It was a passing comment but somehow it made me think quite a bit. I randomly commented that hardly anyone scolds me on field or something along those lines. And his immediate reply was that I always get upset when I receive negative feedback so sometimes people are hesitant to point out my mistakes.

Well, it does make sense. In fact, I think receiving no feedback is worse then getting screamed at on field. With no feedback, I will never know where or how to improve. Problem is how do I build my mental strength such that I can take this criticism and change them into positive feedback to improve myself? I need to learn how tot take things in my stride. That is something I have to work on this year.

On a happier note, at least I think I played better today than all the other games I have played before. So hurray for me. I may not be as good as I used to be in the later half of last year but my basics are still somewhat there. They just need a bit more refining and that is pretty comforting to me. And I guess I have proven to myself that I can do better if I just try a but harder. So chins up. It is a good start and all I need to do is put in some hard work.



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