Heads – up

Back to the beach once again. Honestly, I am pretty glad I came. I struggled with having to decide if I should rot away at home or have some fun time under the sun. To many the decision is pretty clear but for me, it was a really long internal debate. I have never been really close to my class and I would choose to go out with anyone else instead. But at guess at the end of the day I decided to go because it beats wasting a day at home just watching video or wandering about things.

Pretty surprised that I did have a good time. Getting splashed at. Getting dunk into the sea (I know you are reading this – you are going to get it from me next time!). Getting chased from one else of the beach to another. Getting my hair braided. Getting to see some weird sea cucumber that squirts white stuffs (I know that sounds wrong but it is true!) I enjoyed every single little thing I did today. Be it the company or the scenery. I guess this marks a good change and a new start to this new year.

Going to keep this short because there is training and friendlies tomorrow. Not exactly looking forward to those because having not played in a while, I am quite worried that my throws and catches are not up to par. Truth be told, I shy away a lot and choose not to have much game time because I know I really am not a good player. I rather someone else take my place and lead the team to victory. Hate hate hate training because I really feel like a useless piece of unwanted crap.

That aside, it looks like things I changing for the better. Heads up girl.


And oh I just love love love how my hair looks in this photo. Pretty photo taken and braided hair done by my lovely guy classmate. Guess who!



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