Mentally – strangling you to death

Funny how you always say you do not like people to treat you as their second opinion and you do the same to me. Once, I close an eye. Twice, I close my other eye. Thrice, I grid my teeth and hold it in. Four times and counting, that is just asking for too much. To be honest, I really have difficulty believing what you say and buying all your excuses. I mean just cut the crap and tell me if you do not want to talk to me. It saves the trouble for you and me to have to continue a boring and meaningless conversation. I feel like an idiot waiting for your reply. I really feel like turning your potato face into mash potato. Like squish squish squish! (Inserts the fuming mad emoji here.)

Why do I even do this to myself? Laughing at myself because I get so upset over little little retarded things like this. Well, ain’t nobody got time for this. I am going to study for my Mathematics test tomorrow and just not care anymore.



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