Reflections – just wondering

Close to three in the morning on a school day. I was very tired but now, I guess not. Just lying on my bed think about everything thing that has happened. The year has barely started and so much has already taken place. Bold moves are being made. Unspoken words are being said. I am pretty overwhelmed by everything.

Thankfully, amidst all these distractions and emotionally draining issues, I still managed to catch up a bit on my work and stay awake during lessons. Thank God for that.

That aside, I cannot really comprehend what I means to really mean something to someone. This is where my super low self-worth thing kicks in. Never in my wildest dreams can I imagine myself being a major part of someone’s life. Sure I do have people that mean a lot to me but someone like me cannot possibly mean anything to anyone.

In light of all the lost and broken friendships, I might have given up hope on humanity. I begin to see myself as an insignificant thing that can be easily replaced by anyone, making it extremely tempting to retreat back into my own shell.

Dozing off. So I shall just abruptly end here.


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