Family – bane of my existence

Now I really really hate this family. I hate being in it. I hate being part of it. Someday I just wish I can dissociate myself from them. Oh wait a minute, I was never part of it anyway.

Even after making breakfast for them, he did not buy lunch for me. Wow. Why am I not surprised. He only takes care of people he wants to take care off. In his defense, he said my maid cooked rice for me. Well fine, granted. Then I went over to take a look at the dishes (or dish rather) – steam pork ribs swimming in oil. Since when did I ever eat pork ribs? Even if I did, I never liked it cooked that way. This just goes to show much they know me. They do not know me at all. Opened the fridge in attempts to find some leftover food. None. So guess what here I am starving and I do not have time to cook because I am heading to town soon.

And they wonder why I feel so excluded in the family. And they wonder why I hate being at home. And they wonder why I rather spend time with my friends.

Xiao di once said – I rather celebrate my birthday with a few close friends that matter than go out with a whole group of friends I am not really close to. Same logic. I rather spend time with people who know me and bother to know me than stay in a place where I feel so marginalized and chucked aside. How much do you all even know me? Probably just a piece of useless shit to them. (And people wonder why I have so low esteem.)

What a great way to start my Sunday. On hindsight, not eating means starving and that means losing weight. Losing weight equates to nice body. And having a nice body would mean that I would look good in my Chinese New Year clothes. Kidding!

And oh, did I mention that he bought Chee Chong Fan for my mum for lunch. Ridiculously stupid. Sometimes I really question your intelligence. That sounds mean but I am really really pissed off right now. Like asdfghjkl. I want to throw a chair at somebody. Sigh.


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