Tough – love

If only liking someone was so easily. I like you, you like me. And it all ends off with a happily ever after. But our insecure nature takes over and fills the relationship with doubt and distrust. Uncertainty engulfs the hopeful soul, leaving behind fragmented beings. Too broken to to try again. Too broken to pick themselves up again.

Dwelling on the past and holding on to the little bit of hope. Clutching the memories and thinking about the what ifs. Regretting not saying what was truly felt.

Moving on reluctantly while glancing back once in a while. Tucking in the heart that prevents us from moving forward. What ifs leaves us stuck in the middle.

Consumed with worries we turn back for a second look. Who says letting go equates to not caring. Admittedly, keeping a look out for them from afar. Troubled by the increasing distance felt. Emptiness yet again.

Something as simple as a yes or no becomes a recurring nightmare. To care or not to. To remember or forget. To hold on or let go. And we find ourselves saying – never am I going to love again.

But somehow, when the right one comes along. We just fall helplessly in love again. Now that is what makes us humans.


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