Save – me

I cannot sleep. I feel so restless. So tired but cannot find that inner peace. Tossing and turning around for the past two hours. My heart beat quickens with each passing moment as if I am physically running. More alert than ever, I stare at the ceiling, hoping it will come crashing down on me. […]

One – plus one equals two

Just finish a 2.4km run. Yes you heard me. Just had a friendly today and I am mentally exhausted yet I went to run. Stupidity at its maximum. I guess I just needed some outlet to vent out all my frustrations and stress. And I must admit that I feel much better now. Hundred and […]

Culture – for or against

Have I mentioned how much I hate our social construct, more specifically the way people in my school react to couples getting together or someone liking another party. The whole culture just breeds confusion and awkwardness. Everyone says it is in the name of fun but sometimes, in fact most of the times, things get […]

The – third and no more

The first – the one whom you tested waters with. The awkwardness and innocence. The second – the one who you thought will be your last. The passion and hopefulness. The third – the one who showed you that a broken heart can learn to love again. The genuinity and patience. Let’s just hope it […]

Just one of those nights when I do not feel like sleeping. Up thinking about life. Thinking about how far I have comes. Most importantly, thinking about how you are feeling now. How can you fall asleep knowing that your special someone is not feeling all that great. You probably are sleeping now but I […]

Read – them all

I read them, every single one of them. They brought back memories. Memories of confusion, hurt, betrayal and insecurities. They made me reflect upon what had happened last year. As ashamed as I am, I have to admit that I was being a jerk (even bitch is not enough to describe how bad I was). […]