Moved – by sincerity

The fleeting moment when a random thought pops into your head and you start thinking about it. Subconsciously drifting into another world. One thought links to another and you find yourself reflecting on past happenings and decisions made. Questioning and wondering whether outcomes out be different if another choice was made. Countless unanswered questions. Of which, many answers you will never know. Regret and maybe fear starts creeping into the souls.

But just at that moment, the present comes to mind. You begin to smile. Realising that what you have always wanted is there right in front of you. Things are not always and never will be perfect. Life is still a bumpy road filled with highs and lows. Only difference is, this time round, you are no longer doing it alone.

Never did I expect you to always be there for me. Never in my wildest dreams could I guess that it will turn into a two way thing. Never did I think you would wait patiently for me.

Never did I guess I would fall for you. Thanks for everything. From the bottom of my heart, I could not be happier that I met you.


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