Nursing – respectable profession

More often than not, despised and seen as inferiors to doctors but yet, they still put their their heart and soul when taking care if the patients. Who says only doctors can save lives? They too help in the recovery and ensure that the patients do not contract infections or illnesses while recuperating in hospitals.

If I am not wrong, I read somewhere that most people die not because of the risky surgeries or whatnot but because of the small infections and illness that are often overlooked or deemed too insignificant. From that fact alone, we can tell how important and crucial their job is. Then why is it that the occupation is so marginalised?

Truth be told, I never really knew that being a nurse can be so tough, not until today. It was only today when I visited my grandmother at the hospital that I realised how tough it is to be a nurse. Each nurse has about six patients under her care. (And this applies for the more expensive wards so can you imagine how many patients the nurses in the lower class wards have to take care of?) On top of that, they still gave the periodic checking and recording of the patient’s health stays. On top on top of that, they have to deal with all the patients’ stubbornness and personal habits and preferences.

Today, I was at the ward just looking a round and observing life in a hospital. There was this lady beside my grandma who insists on getting out of bed but is refused every time by the nurses. Well, you see, she broke her leg so no walking. Every few minutes she will try to get off the bed so they had no choice but to strap her down to the bed and tie her hands up. Trust me she is one very stubborn lady. Even after they did that, she would use her other leg to push the tubes and blanket aside and shift her legs such that they dangle off the side of the bed. Without fail, the nurses will try to explain to her that she cannot get out of bed and will proceed to place her legs back on the bed. For the short half an hour span I was there, they did that close to 20 times. That amount of patience they have.

And and and, I would like to point of that most of the nurses are not locals. I hope this does not sound biased but I really feel that sometimes locals really go overboard and put foreigners in bad light all the time. Honestly, how many of us are willing to do this kind of jobs. Crazy working hours, an average pay and super fussy patients. I salute and respect them for their patience and hard work. Sure, they do threaten job opportunities and do create some tension because of the cultural divide. But can we just for once, stop complaining and take a moment to appreciate what they have done for us?


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