Directness – sometimes it really hurts

Because to you everyone has issues. Sorry we are not all that perfect and normal. Sometimes, you really really really piss the hell out of me but I never tell you why. Ever. Until it is all over. I do not know why but I am always afraid to tell me if I am unhappy with you. Perhaps it is because I know if I fight with you I will lose. No idea why. But really, to be honest, though you mean a lot to me you really say and do things that upset me. I do not know if you know but well I do get quite hurt.

Sometimes when I am that upset, I do not really need anyone else to point out what is wrong with me because I know. I know I have issues. I know I am problematic. Is it so hard to just shut up and listen to me rant for once, like I always do for you? I know I do tell you things very directly but that is the way you work. And someday, I hope you will understand that not everyone is like that. Sorry, I am that emotionally needy. I just knew I should not have bothered replying you because I am going to get another – hey I think that you blah blah blah. Really not in the mood for that. As in I just wanted to tell you not worry or whatever because I will be fine soon and perhaps tell you why am upset. I really do not need all this criticisms.

I just want to flip everything upside down. I do not even know if I am angry or upset but whatever this feeling is it sure sucks because I cannot stop crying. I suck:( (Notice that that is the very first emoji I used on my blog. That is how upset I am.)


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