Thoughts – that really do count

When you quieten your heart and think. Little things that do not seem like much really do a long way. It is really through you that I begin to realise that less is more. Well, it is not that you are short changing me or unable to do more for me. It is just me learning to appreciate the little things and not keep expecting super huge surprises or presents.

I have always been a rather spoilt kid, getting all the things I want and wanting even more. I expect surprises and presents on special occasions. I keep wanting to receive material things and use them as a gauge of how much I mean to others. And it is because I am so fixated on this idea or receiving things on special occasions, I forget that the most valuable thing anyone can give me is his or her time and effort.

Anyone can pick an expensive present from the store in five minutes. But not everyone will take the time and effort to do something personalized and sincere. Sure it is only a simple card with a short note and a rose you picked up from a store and a phone cover (which you screwed up and I am still waiting for) but all these little little things that go a long way. Sure these things have little monetary value but, honestly, they are worth more than anything I have bought from the stores. Time and effort, to me, is simply incomparable to money or anything else, for that matter of fact.

Today, we skipped dinner because you got the timings all wrong. We caught the movie but missed dinner just so we could head to school for campfire. Well, though it was a little bit screwed up, thanks for today. And most importantly sorry I made you skip dinner. For someone as pig as you, skipping dinner is probably as bad as asking me to study all day and night. So thanks for making that small sacrifice for me.

Apart from the hiccups here and there and all the rushing, I begin to see that what I really want is not all the surprises and presents. I am truly contented with spending the day with you. For all I care, we can go eat at the hawker center while everyone else eat at restaurants. We can take a long walk to the middle of nowhere while everyone else head down to Universal Studios. We can be couch potatoes and watch movies on the computer while everyone else heads down to the movies. All I really want is to spend time.

Something so simple but yet hard to do, given our hectic lives and overwhelming commitments. Nonetheless, what matters to me is that you try to make time for me. It does not really matter what we do or where we go because time spent with you is time well spent. I guess that is my biggest take away from today.

“Every city has its gates, which need not be of stone. Nor need soldiers be upon them or watchers before them….To enter a city intact it is necessary to pass through one of the new gates. They are far more difficult to find than their solid predecessors, for they are tests, mechanisms, devices, and implementations of justice….The east gate was that of acceptance of responsibility, the south gate that of the desire to explore, the west gate that of devotion to beauty, and the north gate that of selfless love.”

~ Winter’s Tale



“Nothing happens here that isn’t suppose to.”


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