Treasure – what is yours

“If you do not know how to treasure what is yours, someone else would.”

It took me so long to realise that I deserve more than what I was receiving. Sure, those memories made me happy but now there are just past experiences that brings about bitterness and hurt. Maybe I am not entirely over it. Maybe I wish things would be different. Whichever the case, I finally understood what it means to let go. Here is the best part, everyone was right – letting go really does make you a happier person.

In between those smiles and laughs, still lies doubt and worry. A broken vessel which has a limited capacity to love. Shattered pieces shewn all over the ground, covered in dirt. And yet, you see pass though flaws and picked me up piece by piece. Sometimes, I really wonder what you see in me. But you will alwasy give a standard reply – If you like someone, you just do.

But it is times like this when I feel so blessed to have you, that I begin to question how much I can give to you. To be honest, many a times, I find myself falling short of the basic requirements. Yet, time after times, you keep telling me that all you every need is me. As sweet as that sounds, it still irks me how I am incapable of giving more. Why do I want to settle for less when I am capable of so much more?

Anyway, if you ever chance upon this post, I guess I just want to say thanks for dealing with all the shit I throw at you all the time. Thanks for seeing something in nothing. And most importantly, thanks for sticking around. I am not really good at expressing how I fell with words. Neither am I an expressive and articulate person like you are. But that does not mean I feel any less than you do. I will try to give you as much as I am capable of, though it is not much. Thanks for being part of my life.



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