Late – at night

Staying up to do some shit economics report. I am tired but the night is young and what is school. As tired as I am, as tired as I get, I love having some quiet time to myself late in the night. No texts to reply. No nagging from my parents. No siblings bothering me with trivial things. Just me, myself and I (just realised this is someone’s blog title). It is in these quiet moments where I start to reflect and think about what has happened, is happening and will happen.

To start with, I will not say that life is all fun and laughter because I am currently struggling to clear a mountain of work and well my self-esteem issues are resurfacing (again). However, it is precisely during these tough times that I learn how to be appreciate and thankful for what I have. A class that is so willing to help each other in academics and have fun together. A team that give pointers to one another. A pair of neighbours whom I can go to school with everyday. A group of close friends that I hang out with after school. A special someone who completes me. 

Perhaps, sometimes, it is good to stop complaining and start thanking. Life could be worse than it is. But it is not. So be happy (or at least contented).

On a brighter note, I can understand why I was place in this school and not anywhere else. Sure, it has always been a struggle to juggle academics and all my other commitments but I am more than thankful for all the people I have met here. From those who keep me in check. To those who have given me endless amount of support. And to those who never fail to give me a good laugh in school.

This year has been good (great, to be honest), so far. I really do hope that it will stay this way. I am a tad more motivated to study and well, hopefully, I can catch up and push myself one last time. 

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will always fall behind you.”

~Walt Whitman


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