Please – help

Please give me a break I beg you. Please. Please stop screaming at me, I am trying. Please me patient with me, I am not that fast. Please help me along, I am slow. Please stop shouting at me, I had a bad day. Please stop expecting too much from me, I failed maths. Please […]

How – it all begun

So glad blocks are over. Finally have sometime to relax and do nothing. And it is doing these times when I am not occupied that I let my mind wonder and let my thoughts go uncontrolled. Not so surprisingly, all my thoughts led back to you. You and me. Us. For the longest time ever, […]

Bus – rides

What am I doing with my life. Block tests are just a few days away and I am wasting time wondering around and thinking about things. Nonetheless, it was a much need therapeutic long bus ride. I just have this thing for bus rides. Gaze out of the window and watch everything pass by. Someday, […]

Unexpected – surprise

Where do I even begin. You bunch of sly and sneaky friends. I do not even know whether I hate you or love you now. Kidding I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. I seriously cannot believe that you all came up with such a screwed up plan that involved me crying […]

Get – lost

Fuck I swear the worst time to come and talk to me about your bullshit problems is when I am fucking pissed off. As in dude get this straight, I am only helping you because I am scared you will do something drastic and stupid. The friendship between you and me is over. O. V. […]

Promise – you I will try

I cannot promise that I will love you every day – that your lips will someday become bland to me. But I can promise that I will kiss you every time I have to chance to because I love it when I can feel your breath on my cheeks. I cannot promise that I will […]