a-Jays – early birthday present

Super duper happy right now. I know this may sound very materialistic but I got a-Jays earpiece from my dad. And early birthday present from my dad because he has to register it for warranty. Well, once again, I must admit that I though I think my dad can be a total douche and snob (yes I mean it), he can be nice. Just sometimes.

I never felt so happy in a while. In fact I have never been so happy whilst receiving a present. Finally, a present I actually want and not just get some cash to buy whatever I want (though I still like having the liberty of getting my own birthday gift). I am actually quite touched and shocked that he bother to listen to my incessant whines about how much I need a new earpiece and I really wanted a pair of a-Jays. I am so happy that I cannot fall asleep.

On hindsight, I cannot bare to use my new earpiece. Just too precious to me. It does not help that he got me a white one and and and the latest a-Jays 5 specially made for iPhone or iPods or apple products in general. Must have cost a bomb. (Maybe one day I will pop by nübox to check the price out.)

I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! I have been squealing in delight in my head for the past three hours. What a great way to start the week. This week shall be a good week. And this is going on my 100happydays posts on Instagram!

Anyway, thanks dad. You will probably never see this but really thanks. I have never really been the kind who can say sweet nothings to you because it is just too awkward given the relationship we have with each other. But just so you know, I was really trying to squeeze out the three magic words. Unfortunately, well, I could not but least I gave you a hug. I hope that it is enough to show much I appreciate all the thought and effort. (If only I can better express my feelings and emotions to you.)


“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.

~ Oscar Wilde”


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