Don’t Be In A Relationship Unless You’re Ready To Give It Your All

Thought Catalog

Whenever Finals week rolls around, life is grim. Clearly the solution to not wanting to study is for me to aggressively send snapchats to everyone documenting my angst of not wanting to do work. Granted I’m probably a bit more sensitive and irritable than I am in a normal week, my recent epiphany materialized when I started becoming very irritated with the quality of responses that my boyfriend was giving to my snaps. He sent me a picture of a postcard I had sent him and circled a word that he couldn’t read. He then sent a follow-up to this a few hours later telling me how he was vexed all day about what the word said. I texted back telling him to send me a picture when he got the chance and I would figure it out. He then responded with a “well… I really don’t care which is…

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